Contract logistics


The general direction of IFANO GmbH

IFANO sees its core task in supporting logisticians and shippers in optimizing the logistic processes through the targeted use of IT solutions. The level of support can be flexibly designed for a specific project. Services in the areas of project management, process design and optimization, IT solution selection, software development, customizing, training and implementation can be presented.


IFANO is in close contact with partners who see themselves as drivers of innovation in logistics and who specifically promote the use of future-proof IT technologies. With the targeted cooperation of companies with different technological focuses, high-quality IT solutions are to be launched in short time cycles.


An important business area for IFANO is the area of ​​contract logistics and the effective use of warehouse management systems as well as the associated use of mobile technologies and warehouse automation.

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Our competence in contract logistics

The key people at IFANO GmbH can look back on 30 years of IT technical and logistical competence. You can demonstrate numerous successful contract logistics projects with customers from different industries. Business processes were designed and implemented in different (multi-user or distribution) logistics centers, and warehouse topologies and strategies were specifically developed.

In addition, warehouse automation was integrated, different incoming and outgoing data interfaces were created and analysis databases (relational / OLAP) were implemented.


With IFANO as an integrator, very complex contract logistics projects with regard to processes and IT solutions can be completely implemented. The aim, however, is always to enable the respective customer to continue running the introduced system independently. For this reason, documentation and training are of great importance. IFANO supports agile new or change projects, but does not focus on operating an IT solution.


Robert-Bosch-Breite 11

37079 Göttingen

Tel: 055178953951


The object of the company is the development of IT systems (hardware, software) and the provision of IT consulting and process services

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