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IT solutions & process consulting

As a young IT company in the logistics industry, we design modern business processes and support them with tailor-made IT solutions along the entire supply chain.


Modern logistics are inconceivable without the intensive integration of information technology.


The potential of innovative IT solutions is enormous and only needs to be leveraged.

Here we rely on


Cloud, Mobile, Big Data & Analytics, Social Media, AI, IoT, Robotics, 3D Print and Next Gen Security

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Data integration

The value of information and data increases exponentially with increasing digitization and automation, so that the networking of systems, services or microservices can become a knockout criterion for a company. More and more specific and modern requirements bring conventional data exchange to its limits.

Project management

Project management is about initiating, planning, controlling, monitoring and completing complex changes, e.g. Focus on software introductions. We ensure that your project runs smoothly and that the project framework is adhered to in terms of scope, effort and time.

IT process consulting

Anyone who wants to map innovative logistical processes in practice must always consider them under the high requirements of cost minimization, flexibility and increasing individualization and complexity. The digitization of business processes with high demands on automation and transparency has picked up speed.

 BI & Analytics 

Large amounts of both structured and unstructured data inundate any business day in and day out. The important thing, however, is not the data itself, but what a company needs in terms of information. The aim is to structure the vast amount of data and to process it so that all of them can be used on this basis


Robert-Bosch-Breite 11

37079 Göttingen

Tel: 055178953951

E-Mail: info@ifano.de

The object of the company is the development of IT systems (hardware, software) and the provision of IT consulting and process services

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